Co-founder Bridget Macaulay reflects on the Trust's symbol, the coracle 

We named the Trust 'The Coracle Trust' because we've felt inspired by the image of the little celtic boat, the coracle, as a symbol of faith. It speaks of a journey - a coracle is a boat that is vulnerable to the elements and yet small enough to respond to the changes in the weather and to be a part of the environment in which it finds itself.

  • It is a symbol of faithful vulnerability - the stories of the early saint's Brendan and Columba risking all to carry a message of grace and to share life with others, with all the exposure that requires.
  • It is symbolic of response to the environment (and the prevailing weather in Scotland!) - learning to read the culture of our time, responding to the Spirit's leading within it.
  • And it symbolises of simplicity and radical commitment - an image of the exposure of the whole of life to the claims of the gospel.

Something of this image is at the heart of what we are seeking to offer through this ministry. It is an image that challenges us and motivates us as we explore whether the 'boat' of this vision will sail. It is an image of faithful living that we hope to share and grow in alongside those we are involved with through this ministry.