The trustees

The trustees help turn the Trust's vision into reality.  Their experience and expertise in their respective fields has helped the Trust set up the structures that allow it to operate.

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Nancy Adams

Nancy Adams journeyed from California to London 40 years ago to study International Relations; various jobs and relationships kept her here! She lectured in IR and was a Political and Commodities Analyst for an Arab research unit before moving to Scotland where a family and job as a Finance Director kept her busy. In retirement, she does some spiritual accompaniment, works with vulnerable children, has taken up a particular interest in mediation and conflict dynamics, and has been nourished by the Midlife Spirituality group.

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Tom ingrey-counter

In the middle of the journey of our life I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost (Dante’s Inferno)

Tom studied History of Art and Italian In London and Bologna, and has subsequently worked on many museum and heritage projects in Scotland over the past 15 years, as a curator and project manager.

Tom delights in accompanying others - past and present - on the inner ‘journey of our life’, and in the power of images and language to inspire and connect us at a deeper level. He is a father of two and enjoys exploring Scotland’s rich heritage with his family and friends, particularly its coastline on his kayak.

He attends Community Church Edinburgh and also the Two Halves of Life group.

Rosamond robertson

Rosamond’s life journey began in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and presently has taken her to the edge of the Lammermuir hills where she and her husband (since retiring!)  have made a sustainable productive home out of a ruined farmstead to the delight of the grandchildren. In between she has had a rich career in the care of children and families, training as a psychiatric social worker and later, counselling and family work.  The core of her work has been training volunteers, social workers and (latterly Christian) counsellors.  Social justice as an integral part of her faith led her to significant experiences of civil rights in North Carolina; a Quaker Action Group in Phildelphia and in 2011 Palestine as a human rights observer.

During her years in Edinburgh bringing up three daughters, she was enriched by discovering the Episcopal Church, enjoying ecumenical fellowship and developing children and young people’s work for the Society of Friends.  Rosamond is grateful to Quakers for the emphasis on the sacredness of everyday life, to the Roman Catholic faith for its contemplative legacy and throughout, the blessing of music and literature. However embracing her shadow side and managing hard times has been crucial. Being part of the Coracle group has opened wonderful doors and at her stage of life she holds near the words of St John of the Cross: ‘In the evening they will examine you in love.’

Rosamond Robertson