Gallery of topics covered by the groups

This wall of topics shows the subject matter covered in Coracle groups, broadly on the issue of faith transitions in life.  Material gathered for those subjects over the years is being distilled into concise downloadable single page topic pdfs.  The first pdf, for the topic A new space released in June 2016, is part of an ongoing project to make the subject matter more widely available and practically accessible. The intention is to provide a stream of pdfs that assist new groups to start up wherever you are whilst at the same time offering food for individual reflection. Here are some thoughts on running a group meeting (full or concise).  The concise version would fit it and accompany the brochure size below.  Email us for more specific support if you are looking to start a new group or run a series for your existing group.

Click the Topics Brochure button for a pdf brochure which presents a fuller listing of the 50+ topics; titles, thumbnails and excerpts.   

Here is a fuller list of the topics we have covered.  We plan to generate single page summaries of each for personal and group use and move these to the section above.