Testimonials — Reflections on the Coracle Trust.

I am fed. I am encouraged. I am listened to. I am shared with. I can give to others. Two of the things which are closest to my heart, my children and my God, are celebrated and worked on in a safe place, with women who I increasingly think of as my modern day sisters.
— Kath Williamson
I have found a place where I can voice the conumdrums that have been vexing me, and find out how others have tried to resolve them, or just learned to live with them.
— Justin Reynolds
I am learning a lot about God’s action through the wealth of imagination and energy that come from Coracle Trust activities.
— Nick Adams
Even with the support of Coracle, it is still not easy to keep my hands open and allow God to be in control, but through this group, He has blessed me with deep friendships and a greater awareness of Him in the world around me so that I am more quickly aware of when I have closed myself to Him.
— Kath McDonald