Lent 2012: Finding our story within Jesus' story

May Christ Jesus look into your face with love, God the Creator spring to life within your being, and the Holy Spirit be found in sacred places around you. A blessing


What path to tread?

The invitation to Jesus's journey of life, death and resurrection presents itself at Lent. The disciples at close hand could reflect upon their story through their own responses, those also of the individuals in the gospels that Jesus met and finally of Jesus himself to God and the way of the His Kingdom. This Lent, we'd like to reflect simply on our pattern of responses to God and His kingdom, with few words and lightly within a framework* that offers one way of locating our story within Christ's story.

The course of faith

During Holy Week especially, but also throughout the gospels, we notice responses and stances such as

  • Infatuation (eg at Palm Sunday)
  • Manipulation (eg at his Betrayal and Trial)
  • Crisis (eg during Good Friday and Holy Saturday)
  • Resolution and Integration (eg at the resurrection on Easter Monday)

These archetypal elements*, when travelled through well constitute a reflective Life, a chosen Death and a surprising Resurrection. Each day we are drawn to ponder: Where is my story within Jesus's story? What is my response to God and the way of His kingdom?

* Based on Bridget MacAulay's researches: The shape of transition and Finding our story in God's story