Lent 2013: the inward and outward journeys

Relating is at the heart of what is redemptive, and what may bring about the transformation of the world.

Mary Grey

What happens in life to open up our natures to the tendernesses of life is redemptive. Bernard Meland

We were wondering what Lent is for?


I think I have seen Lent as a time to focus on the inward journey.  Fasting can be a time to make room for God in us, to delve deeper, to be cleansed, changed.  Fasting can also be a time to allow ourselves to connect and empathise with those who regularly go without.   It is not often in our modern, Western lives we have to deprive ourselves or limit ourselves in any way.  

An alliance

In our Lent reflections this year we wanted to look at the interaction of the inward and outward journey.   Richard Rohr talks about sustaining the outward journey by nurturing the inward journey, this seems to be the major work for his Center for Action and Contemplation.   We can notice in Jesus the harmony between the inward and outward journey.  So we are going to observe and take note of the life of Jesus by looking at the stories of his encounters with people.  The people Jesus met who were on the margins; women, lepers, outsiders, the poor, the bereaved.  We want also to acknowledge, hopefully hear from, those who work with the marginal people of our society.

Kirsty Hook