Our comings and our goings

The Lord will guard your coming and your going both now and forever. 2 Corinthians 3:18


Faith is not so much a noun as a verb.

The in-between places

On looking at faith transitions we are considering the in-between places in our journey of faith. It’s where there is some form of crossing over or passing on and through some identity, understanding or way of being. It may be a step, a fall, a wrestle into a stage of faith. We may picture it as diving through air into water, entering into and out of cloud or crossing some threshold, maybe shedding a skin.

From what to? To what?

A vast array of feelings may be experienced: anxiety, exhilaration; a sense of having arrived or having exited the familiar. What on earth is actually happening and why and to what end, we wonder. We may discover what helps and what obstructs transition: places, love, imagery, suffering. There are the dynamics of choice: denial, indecision, letting go and grasping onto. Biblical metaphors abound of deserts, of light and dark, of exile and homecoming, of ascent and descent. There is also the role that archetypes and sacraments play in our journey with and towards Jesus. What transition am I currently experiencing? Are any biblical characters currently journeying with you?