Christ in the sepulchre, Sandro Botticelli

Christ in the sepulchre, Sandro Botticelli

Our theme this Lent is taken from this statement, possibly one of Jesus’ most concise and yet comprehensive sayings .  Its girth is so wide that arms cannot encircle it. 

Maybe we can proceed by treating this as a film title and look at stills (or video footage) of the scenes which mark his way.  He approaches and bursts through the Passion week showing that God’s skin is truly in the game.  RS Thomas says of the Kingdom ‘inside it/there are quite different things going on’.  Foolishness is seen as wisdom, poverty yields richness, and the weakness the thread that leads to strength. To lose is to find, and to give away is to gain.  Jesus dares to fuse life and love and himself together. Life and love (are finally shown to) reveal themselves as the same thing, which is the final and full message of the risen Christ, writes Richard Rohr.  It appears that he is shedding light on  the mystery of our life on earth.

Each Sunday in Lent and then daily through Holy Week we will look at some stills of Jesus as he shows us our Way, our Truth and our Life through his own.

We start in a desert...