Lent: Weddings and temples

El Greco, Christus treibt die Händler aus dem Tempel

El Greco, Christus treibt die Händler aus dem Tempel

Read John 2:13-22

The domestic and the wild Jesus

We see in this passage two very different and vivid pictures of Jesus. The first is at the wedding in Cana. A human image, a man at a social occasion with his family. Here he is unobtrusive, only acting when nudged by his mother. He doesn’t take centre stage but acts to save the face of the bridegroom. Everyone goes away not amazed by Jesus but impressed by the hospitality of the groom. The second story is Jesus overturning the tables at the temple. Here is the angry prophet, authoritative and wild. Certainly making his presence known, claiming authority, answering the Pharisees ‘This is my father’s house’ even boasting about what he will do.

Who is Jesus for me just now?

Jesus is part of my life. He is in the small family details, caring about them. But he is not a small, safe person. He is a wild prophet, the Son of God with strong righteous indignation about the state of the world. Who is he for me just now? Where should my gaze, my contemplation be? What story captures my imagination right now? Am I needing to see the quiet, thoughtful man or the prophet calling us to action? 

Kirsty Hook