In front of our noses

He doesn’t play hide-and-seek with us. He’s not remote; he’s near.
Acts 17:28, The Message


Intrinsic affinity

Dennis Lennon, in The Wisdom of the Heart writes...

Jesus pays the most stupendous compliment to ordinary nature, and to people's ordinary lives, by finding his teaching aids ready-made in their world.  He could do so because of the intrinsic affinity between the kingdom of God and the processes of the natural world, and of people in their daily lives.  He healed the split between the sacred and the profound.

Thus to convey the providential care of the Father we have no need to climb to heaven but just 'consider the ravens'  (Luke 12:24-28)

What we see and touch

Kataphatic* theology stresses the sensual nature of God, that he is seen and known, through the person of Christ, creation and in his interaction with our whole being.  Invariably this should encourage us to look about and to have regard to what is and what is given.  This may on one hand bring reassuring proximity and depth and on the other sound faintly ridiculous and remote.

*what we can know, using words, images and concepts