A time to rest?

No other religion has made non-performance such a clear article of faith as have the Jewish people.  Richard Rohr

Photo by Sunset Girl, Unsplash.com

Photo by Sunset Girl, Unsplash.com

I am told that this verb (to rest) is the most common verb used in the Christian mystics.  We are into something universal and archetypal here.  There is a deep and constant desire for a place of rest in human nature.  It is almost as if we know this life of climbing, competing and contending is not our natural or desired mode.  Richard Rohr

Some stray thoughts

"A well earned rest."  Does rest need to be earned?

Rest seeps into the subject of peace. Is it possible to be at peace in this world?  Is it intended? 

Rest (definition): A sign which signifies a measured silence.

Images of rest

Here are just a sample of images that brush shoulders with the subject of rest...


A moment's rest


Rest in peace, Andrew Wyeth

Rest in peace


rest on the flight to egypt, Orazia Gentlesci


Relief and respite from an ordeal


Rest on the lake, Fyodor Bronnikov

Idyll and dreams


Order and rightness




Rest after achievement


Murphy, rest

Rest and recuperation


Rest and survival


To mull, stretch out, time together


Do any of these pictures echo your longing? Are they inviting, challenging?

Pictures in order: A moments rest (Emmanuel Zairis); Rest in peace (Andrew Wyeth); (Orazio Gentileschi); Rest on the lake (Fyodor Bronnikov), Sunday rest (Carl Larsson), The rest, portrait of Berthe Morisot 1870 (Eduoard Manet); Google image, Wikicommons, Field rest 1954 (Corneliu Baba)