Free for?

Whatever happens. Whatever
what is is is what
I want. Only that. But that.
Galway Kinnell, Prayer


Towards Holy Island, Ewan Mealyou

Being present

Though images of the resurrection are thin on the ground the word itself may conjure up a welter of impressions and desires: being released to see differently, to being in some way free from something.  Maybe it has greater strength when we also consider what we are free for.  Being filled with an inspiring vision for being, in Bede Griffiths' case, present to the fullness and gift of the now.

To be mindful is to live in the present moment, not to be imprisoned in the past nor anticipating a future that may never happen. When we are fully aware of the present, life is transformed and stress and strain disappear.  So much of modern life is a feverish anticipation of future activity and excitement.  We have to learn to step back from this into the freedom and possibility of the present. 

Bede Griffiths


I ask myself, What is my freedom for?