Pondering resurrection

We had hoped...they were so filled with joy and wonder.  (Luke 24)


Resurrection and life

Our web banner 'Exploring the meaning of Christian life in the everyday world' attempts to say something about where Coracle locates its focus. It affirms for us that God comes to us in and through life. As one pilgrim put it, he comes disguised as our life. The enthralling Jesus states 'I am the resurrection and the life'.  We are invited to receive in life, through our day, this God who unfolds slowly before us, as the glens and mountains before our very feet. We therefore attend to and respect our senses, being vehicles through which the Spirit nuzzles us, reflect upon the experience of motherhood, explore gender and faith and ponder the development of faith through the life stages.

What do we live for?

We continue where we left off at Lent considering the presence of God in the world. The resurrection invites us to celebrate life and expect joy, even as God goes underground! We gather round a flickering fire and ponder the resurrection.  What does it mean for us?  Allow?  Usher in?    What can we hope for? What do we live for? 

All we lack, now that life has become so speeded up, is the will to slow it down so that we can live a little while life goes by.  We need to want to be human as well as efficient; to be loving as well as informed; to be caring as well as knowledgeable; to be happy as well as respected.    Joan Chittister OSB