Seeing it differently

It is foolish to let a young redwood grow next to a house. Even in this one lifetime, you will have to choose. That great calm being, this clutter of soup pots and books -- Already the first branch-tips brush at the window. Softly, calmly, immensity taps at your life. Jane Hirshfield, The Tree


The God of pots and pans and the redwood tree

There is a tapping, on the shoulder. ’Already the first branch-tips brush the window’. What can emerge from within the everyday is a sense of openness. The head down world of dish washing and book reading is invited to join with the wider, deeper, ‘calm’ world that is as immense as a great growing redwood tree. The draw on the soul is to choose the deep and wide world that is inherent in daily life, to walk with its eyes wide open, to perceive and receive the deep and wide, immense and calm God. What is attempting to gently gatecrash your life? Will you allow it?