Who do you say I am?

You are the Messiah.  Matthew 16:15

Christ in the wilderness, Consider the lilies. Stanley Spencer

Consider the lilies. Stanley Spencer

“Who do you say that I am?”
I do not reply to those words at first.
I let them echo and re-echo in my ears
for quite some time,
observing how my heart reacts to them.

And only when I can restrain myself no longer
do I react to them
-in just one word
or silence.

Anthony de Mello


Who do I hope/want Jesus to be,
to me,
for me,
at this moment in my life?

What might Messiah mean to you?  How is he Messiah to you? 

Note, non-judmentally, your longings.

A mosaic

Messiah.  Dreamer.  Leader.  Big. Purposeful.  Knowing.  An outdoor type.  Reflective.  Introvert.  Extrovert.

Quiet.  To talk, anything! To make me lie down.  To look over my shoulder, see what I see. 

Ubiquitous.  Mystery.  Seer into to my soul.  One who strides across the waves to hold back earth’s decay, and falling economies.  Joker, to cheer my heart.  Aragorn to stiffen sinews.  Aslan to breath out hope.  Florence to gently tend wounds.

Having noticed your longings, your responses, bring them in silence to Messiah.