Hello deep connection

Woman, behold your son.  Son behold your mother. (John 19: 26-27)

Angelina Litvin, unsplash.com

Angelina Litvin, unsplash.com

It can help to find the words to tell the truth of where you are now.  If you can find the courage to name ‘here’ – especially in the place where you do not wish to be – it can help you be there.  Padraig O Tuama


Thus is an incredibly intimate moment between Jesus, John and Mary. Personal and heartbreaking Jesus confirms this is the end, he is really leaving, this is goodbye, these words to those he has the most intimate relationship with. Comfort each other, this is happening .  In loss we have times of denial, acceptance, comfort, grief.  All these we have to walk through to get to the other side.  Hello to goodbye.

Kirsty Hook

Bridget A Braybooks, by permission

Introduction to Lent 2017: Welcome to Here

“Saying our hellos (to grief, to wonder,...) through the accounts of Jesus life in the gospel of Mark.”   — Introduction