Hello to life, hello to breath

Mary Magdalene, Salome, and Mary the mother of James...saw that the stone had already been rolled away. And it was a huge stone! (Mark 16:4)

Victoria Alexander, unsplash.com

Victoria Alexander, unsplash.com


It can help to find the words to tell the truth of where you are now.  If you can find the courage to name ‘here’ – especially in the place where you do not wish to be – it can help you be there.  Padraig O Tuama

Genesis of newly opened life

'And it was a huge stone.'  I'll say! This observation by the writer emphasises the weight of this event, and so too the weight we may feel from those things that don't seem to budge in our lives, despite our endeavours.  Yet this is precisely what was moved and reflects the genesis from which newly opened life emerges.  Hello to life, hello to breath.

Bridget A Braybooks, by permission

Introduction to Lent 2017: Welcome to Here

“Saying our hellos (to grief, to wonder,...) through the accounts of Jesus life in the gospel of Mark.”   — Introduction