Hello reunion

Father into your hands I commit your spirit. (Luke 23:46)

Yellow Christ, Paul Gaughin

Yellow Christ, Paul Gaughin


It can help to find the words to tell the truth of where you are now.  If you can find the courage to name ‘here’ – especially in the place where you do not wish to be – it can help you be there.  Padraig O Tuama

Mountainous consolation

'For the joy set before him he endured the cross'. Now the measure, the sheer enormity of what held Jesus to his chosen task dawns on us.  We rightly look for consolation and to access it deeply, for something that outweighs or matches, or even offsets the disappointments and worries that come our way.  This generously comes in many guises and here is the consolation which dwarfs the ugliness and horror of the cross: the love of God that Jesus is held by and which awaits him.  I think I need yet another reboot of my image of God!

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Bridget A Braybooks, by permission

Introduction to Lent 2017: Welcome to Here

“Saying our hellos (to grief, to wonder,...) through the accounts of Jesus life in the gospel of Mark.”   — Introduction